A patented solution for long - term protection of inter-array cables

What we do

We offer a customized and complete armour protection for power cables for floating windmill farms, increasing their structural integrity, thus extending lifespan up to 30 years +, and reducing maintenance and repair cost.

Our solution is based on a patented ‘Spinning Technology’ where a custom composite material is spun on items to be protected, offering many attractive benefits and values related to the long term protection and durability.

The production of the SpinTech armor protection is continuous for all Inter-array cables in both monopile and J-tube applications, resulting in a significant increase in their structural integrity and durability, thus increasing lifespan off all inter array cables, in addition to overall reduction of maintenance & repair cost.

Strategy & Vision

Over the last 6 years we have developed and designed a patented and ‘ready-to-be built’ Spinning Robot Prototype, based on a two-phased feasibility study by Mftech, France and Windtec, Norway, including full design specifications & plant layout. The prototype is to be engineered & built by Mftech for approx. MNOK 30.

Our objective is to establish cooperation with industrial entity within the international offshore wind-mill industry, and then engage into the final engineering and building of Spinning Robot Prototype with possible EU Green R&D funding within offshore wind industry. We also plan to establish a test-production site in Norway, 1 year R&D based program, with possible ENOVA support & funding.

We aim to become the preferred supplier of Inter-Array Cable Protection for the international offshore windmill Industry.

Spintech has joined the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster.