A patented solution for long - term protection of inter-array cables

Our technology

Patented Spinning and Weaving Technology

The Unique Spinning Technology offers the best possible Strength and Durability for any given Material & Thickness It is based on a specific & advanced spinning/weaving application for each individual fiber thread- in a conical layer-for-layer structure, in an automated fabrication process:

Each glasfiber thread will in one revolution go from thinnest part of 'cone' to thickest part - thus achieving optimal interconnevtivity of all layers

This complex inter-weaving process is able to create the strongest protection structure possible for any given material and thickness

And resin (expoxy chosen as an example) is applied in spinning nozzle for each glasfiber thread, where also heating takes place

This spinning/weaving structure is designed for maximum ability to negotiate all external forces & wear that are possible threats to the intergrity of cables.

The «wear & tear» resistance of such an armour protection is approximately infinite, depending on type of composite material & chosen thickness.

An upfront investment in the adequate and complete protection of all Inter Array Cables can significantly increase the protection & structural integrity of all Inter Array Cables, thus:

  • Increasing lifespan to 30+ years and ditto increase in total Return of project
  • Reducing overall maintenance & repair cost during project lifetime
  • Reducing the future ’Life Extension Measures’ & ditto cost

It is built to last.

Patent granted in USA, EU, Japan and Norway

Patent Summary: The present invention involves a process of manufacturing an elongated object by spinning at least one thread or band with a curable matrix on a core element, where the thread or band is carried by a spool and the spool is rotating around the core element at the same time as the elongated object or the spool moves chiefly in one specific length direction, so that the elongated object is constantly pulled out of the core element. The thread/s or band/s will now constitute a three-dimensional web from the inner to the outer diameter of the tube with a specified length. The process is particularly well suited for manufacturing tubes and protective sleeves or reinforcing covers for bundles of tubes and/or cables, but can also be used for manufacturing objects of finite forms where strength is a critical factor, such as aeroplane wings or windmill blades.


Layout & Configuration of Spinning Robot Prototype


The filament winding machine dimension is 18 meters x 5 meters x 2.5 meters. This machine is positioned before the pultrusion system.

The subassembly, positions are below:

A - all:

In the „all” there are:

  • Electric cabinet: It integrates the power distribution from automate machine. This cabinet is equipped with a touchscreen used to control machine options.
  • Sefty fences and safety equipment's

H1 - first head

The head rotates around the pultrusion tube to wind the fibre during the winding process. The head is equipped with 15 spools maximum. The tensioning system is inside the head.

H2 - second head

Same H1

K- KUKA system

The KL 4000S by KUKA is a track system. The KL allow to move the head during the winding process.


The material: Epoxy resin on glasfiber threads

Thickness of armour: 8 mm as an example (it could be other optimized composite mixtures and thicknesses). Composite Protective Armour to be applied from end-to-end of Inter Array Cables, or protection of the most exposed parts. The Spinning and weaving process of Spintech inter array cable protection armour is continuous in the entire cable’s length. Spintech’s armour protection is tailormade before shipping. This protective shield, when applied, will reduce logistic & hook-up exposure for possible cable damages. Application of SpinTech protection composite armour can typically be done either at Inter Array Cable’s production site, or at other dedicated sites.

Performance data:

An Ø140 mm Inter Array Cable, protected in its entire length with an 8 mm thick vinylester or epoxy-based Spintech solution, will significantly increase this cable’s structural integrity in the following ways:

  • Inter Array Cable to withstand impact - equivalent to 80 bar pressure
  • Increase livespan of Inter Array Cables to 30+ years
  • Due to the special spinning/weaving process, the protective armour is optimized for torque resistance and tension forces acting on the cable

Cost for these specific solutions depend on the raw material prices at all time.